“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
-Bob Marley

Growth & Promotion Tools for Event DJs

We help Event DJs better engage fans, maximize event attendance, and book more gigs.

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DJs, are you...

Looking to stand out from the crowd?

Using the best Tech available?

Interested in improving your DJ brand?

Our Tools help Event DJs Thrive 📈

We built our tools to solve common Event DJ problems. You can use one, or you can use them all, it's up to you!

DJ Website

Improves Professionalism Get Booked Faster

  • No need to custom build and maintain an expensive website, ours has the basics in a clean and professional way.
  • You can quickly and easy take in booking inquiries on your website and answer common questions.
  • Show off your music, mixes, social media, images, and bio with your fans. Allow others to quickly learn more about you as a DJ.
Sample DJ Website

Events Manager

Saves Time & Effort Better Analytics & Decision Making

  • When you add your events to DJ Tools, they automatically sync to Google Calendar so you don't double book dates.
  • Generate flyers for events based on event info, you can download these flyers and use them in promotion and replace them when the real flyer is ready.
  • Get analytics on your events including how many you do monthly or weekly, how much revenue you make, and who books you most.

DJ Event Calendar

Improves Professionalism Improves Event Attendance

  • Make it easy for fans to attend events by providing a public event calendar they can access from social media at any time.
  • Receive a short link (to link in Social media) with all your upcoming events with dates, locations, and links in one place.
  • Feature past or upcoming events to impress organizers and fans.
Sample DJ Event Calendar

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A few success stories with DJ Tools.


"Using DJ Tools at my last corporate event was a hit, lots of people got involved."

-DJ Earl "El Caobo" (Chicago, IL)


"The DJ Tools website might've helped me get a job at a really popular bar in DC! I sent the owner my website and now I'm going for an interview next week."

-DJ Abhi (Washington, D.C.)


"I like the features, DJs should definitely check this out."

-DJ Jo-Z (Chicago, IL)

How DJ Tools Works

Getting up and running with DJ Tools is quick and straightforward

Signup & Setup DJ Tools (~20 min)

  • Add your DJ Name, Social Links, and Images
  • Add your Next DJ Event and Recent Mixes
  • Add your Booking info

Add your DJ Tools Links to Social Media

  • DJ Tools provides a website and/or calendar site
  • Simply add your custom short link to your social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Start seeing fan views accumulate week over week

Add Your Upcoming DJing Events

  • You can sync your DJ Tools events to your Google Calendar, so you don't double book
  • Events are automatically added to your website and calendar, so you fans know when/where you're playing
  • Generate flyers or social media promos custom to your event (coming soon!)


Just like good events, our prices will go up over time. Sign up now to lock in your price for life!

DJ Tools Membership


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    Features Included

  • Full Access to All Tools
  • DJ Website
  • DJ Booking Site
  • Event Management & Google Calendar Sync
  • DJ Flyer & Video Generator
  • Site Views & Events Analytics
  • Short Links to put on Social Media
  • Access to all New Features (Every Quarter)

  • Support Included

  • Optional Account Setup Help
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Ability to Request New Features

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