Business Tools for Event DJs

With our easy-to-use solution, DJs can grow their audience, automate event promotion, and book more gigs.

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Event DJs

Do you DJ more than 10 events per year?

Do you want your audience and fans to follow you across platforms?

At events, are you interested in helping your audience and fans better engage?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, DJ Tools may be able to help.

DJ Micro-Website

We help DJs get a clean and simple mini-website up and running quickly, without the hassle or cost building it yourself.

  • Centralize all your social media and music platforms
  • Display all your events on the event calendar so fans know what you're up to
  • Share info about your services, background, and get booked faster
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DJ Event Display

We help DJs better engage fans at events, turning audience members into active fans.

  • Get new followers at events with a simple QR Code scan
  • Receive song requests or private feedback easily (optional), all submissions go to a dashboard and you receive a text message.
  • Make it easy to maintain space between yourself and unruly audience members
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Automated Fan Email List Building

We help DJs build email lists from their micro-site and events, they can then email out newsletter or schedule automated event newsletters.

  • Take in emails with no setup or upfront effort
  • View all subscribers on a dashboard, easily export the emails and info
  • Choose if and at what frequency event emails are sent to the list
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We pack DJ Tools with a variety of features that will help improve an Event DJ's Business.

Feature DJ Business Impact
All-in-One DJ Micro-Website Professionalism
Short URL for Social Media Professionalism
Event Calendar Event Promotion
Event Info & Ticket Links Event Promotion
Custom QR Code for your Micro-Website Event Engagement
Printable Event Interaction Templates Event Engagement
Automated Fan Contact Lists Building Audience Growth
Automated Event Emails to Fans Audience Growth
Song Request & Private Feedback Dashboards DJ Data & Insights
Tip the DJ Revenue
Streamlined DJ Bookings Revenue

Why Try DJ Tools?

Here is a quick 5 minute video of the benefits & solutions in DJ Tools.


We work hard to keep our tools competitively priced in order to empower as many Event DJs as possible.

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  • Micro-Website Setup Support
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