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DJ Tools Background Story

After spending most of my career building enterprise grade tools for technology companies, in late 2021, change was brewing.

As a DJ (Salsa & Bachata exclusively), I started this project to create technology that would solve my own problems of trying to grow an audience and get more cool gigs. Over time I realized that I wasn't alone, many DJs were trying to differentiate themselves and use the best technology available to reach their DJing goals. It was at that moment that I pivoted, focusing on DJs getting access to this technology at an affordable and accessible cost.

All the DJs I've met are highly intelligent, a bit nerdy, and usually pretty interested in the newest technology (which is why DJ Tools may work). DJ Tools is my contribution to the greater DJ community, my hope is that it will help more DJs sustain themselves, get more gigs, and make their audiences more engaged, all while sharing beautiful music with the world.

If you know of DJ who would benefit from this software but can't afford it, is interested in collaborating, or just want to share feedback, please just drop me a note at Onwards and upwards DJs!

DJ Tools Founder,
Taylor Diem (DJ Diem Classic)